Entrelac vs. Domino Knitting?

topic posted Wed, March 28, 2007 - 8:07 PM by  Samantha Earl
I just made the Interweave Press heart sachet and it was super fun. You knit one mitered square and then join other mitered squares to that by picking up stitches and sometimes casting on a few extra stitches after that.

I read somewhere that this was domino knitting. What's the difference between that and entrelac? Anyone know?
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Samantha Earl
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    Wed, March 28, 2007 - 11:51 PM
    Entrelac is continuous (meaning you work a row of "pyramids" with shortrows, then work the next row back...its just got lots of little short rows embedded in it. Domino knitting involves completing a motif, and then picking up stitches along one or more sides as a foundation for the next complete motif. I think its called "domino" because its sort of like dominos falling in a line as you complete the motifs. Entrelac on the other hand is sort of "woven" because you finish across one direction (meaning all the squares in one row are slanted the same direction) then you pick up the stitches between (entre) to build the next row of squares, which will also slant exactly perpendicularly to the previous row. If you use two colors you get a woven "over / under" effect.

    Probably clear as mud...but that's how I think of them.

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